Jaguar F-Type kế thừa động cơ của

Jaguar F-Type kế thừa động cơ của "siêu xe yểu mệnh" C-X75

The engine of 1.6 liter capacity 502 hp taken from the C-X75 can appear on a Jaguar car commercial in the future.

Some days ago, Jaguar has made many frustrated fans when announced "death" Project C-X75 supercar. However, those who love C-X75 will be comforted when Jaguar decided to requisition the engine's "supercar of short duration".

Accordingly, Jaguar will lower engine capacity but large capacity of the C-X75 into commercial production. With a capacity of just 1.6 liters, the engine of the C-X75 can produce maximum power up to 502 horsepower.

Piston Heads website said engine derived from Formula 1 racing cars are still being developed and could go into production. Reportedly, the engine of the C-X75 is the result of a collaborative process between Jaguar and Cosworth.

It is expected that the car will replace the Jaguar C-X75 to inherit the supercharged engine, 1.6 liter capacity is the F-Type Coupe. "We have been developing the more modern engines. We continue to cooperate with Jaguar to create a powerful engine as Formula 1 racing, "said Representative Cosworth.

Cosworth has sat out the game after Marussia F1 not continue to use its engine. However, Cosworth, which helps them to focus more on the development of advanced engine in the future.

Jaguar C-X75 Supercar to be "death" but hybrid drivetrain with a super-strong turbocharged attracted the attention of many experts. The engine on the C-X75 is appreciated for strength, performance and fuel savings.

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