Kia Sedona 2014: Hồi sinh từ cõi chết

Kia Sedona 2014: Hồi sinh từ cõi chết

Kia Sedona car family will be revived for between $ 25,900 and $ 30,900.

In 2012, Kia has announced the death Sedona minivan, and said it would come back with a new minivan in 2013. However, is not the same as declaring Kia minivan newly launched company Sedona is back with some changes worth noting.

Kia did not offer any explanation for the resurgence Sedona name instead of creating a completely new name to succeed minivan is quite well-known.

Despite a familiar name, but the 2014 Kia ​​Sedona still have some tweaking of the design, such as sturdy front bumper and wider, the new grille, the 17-inch wheels, lights LEDs combined phase. Inside the cabin, the Kia Sedona has added a center console new, more space for tablets ...

There Kia just released a new version of the engine available for 2014 Sedona, V6 3.5 liter capacity 269 hp, 333 Nm of torque. This power is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission standard. Kia said the family's car company can complete 100 km in the city with 13.8 liters of gasoline, and 100 km on the highway with the 9.8-liter petrol.

Inside the cabin, the car has two levels furnished with two LX and EX versions, with standard features including six airbags, electronic stability system with ESC, traction control system TCS, satellite radio, technology Bluetoothwireless, air conditioning ...

According to information posted on Carscoop, the Kia Sedona LX has a base price of U.S. $ 25,900, while the Kia Sedona EX priced at 30,900 dollars, prices do not include $ 850 fee.

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