Tổng thống Obama sắp có xe bọc thép mới

Tổng thống Obama sắp có xe bọc thép mới

After more than 4 years of service to the American President, The Beast is about to be replaced by a new armored vehicle.

The car that Barack Obama is using has been developed and produced since 2008. Later than 4 years, it's time President Obama received a new car equipped with more modern and safer.

According to MotorTrend, the U.S. government has recently put a car manufactured entirely new armored limousine. Thereby, many people predicted the new car will be used to serve President Obama.

MotorTrend said, any company may submit proposals for new models for the U.S. President, as long as it ensures safety. A long list of requirements will be made to classify and as a basis for the design engineer a new car for the President.

After the introduction of a version of the test, the vehicle will be used as a beer for live fire training. Prototype testing should overcome all tests to be completed before serving U.S. president.

There is no information regarding new limousine for President Obama. Not exclude the possibility that the car will be an upgrade of The Beast is currently serving U.S. president. The simple reason is because the private designers can hardly build a model to ensure that all the stringent requirements for safety and government agencies Secret Service launched

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